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".... a philosophically ambitious project to capture the nature of the American mind... refreshing, original insights; his treatment of the quixotic pursuit of ‘secret knowledge’ is memorably astute."
Kirkus Reviews
"The Persistence of Liberty: An American Philosophy deserves a spot in any history or philosophy collection, couching its cultural romp across America in a gathering that captures 20th century themes and conundrums alike."
Midwest Book Review
"Sweeping references forced me to be an engaged and active reader. There is also beautiful poetry in the book…put together in such lyrical, elegant and compelling ways."
Arielle Eckstut, AUTHOR, The Secret Language of Color
"... a superb piece of research, thought and writing... mixing some heavy intellectual matters with themes that touch the everyday…"
—  Thomas V. DiBacco, Professor Emeritus, American University

The Persistence of Liberty: An American Philosophy was awarded an Independent Press Award.

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