David Ross Netherton

David Ross NethertonDavid Netherton’s published writing is anchored in a composite view of the community of nations and America’s place in it, with all the ambivalence that has come to entail. His work appears in periodicals, academic journals, monthlies, and regional collections of poetry. Educated in Boston and Vienna, he completed his doctorate in philosophy in the UK, and holds graduate degrees in the fields of psychology, epidemiology and philosophy.

Over two decades he has lectured from a global perspective born of professional experience in Latin America and Europe. His writing draws upon the disciplines of history, culture and philosophy. He plumbs the American spirit and the origins of our character, as chronicler of a generation and biographer of the American odyssey.

His affiliations include the American Philosophical Association, and he performs as a member of the Boston Musicians’ Association. He is the ideal author for illuminating his generation’s review of the past decades, integrating the three areas of his advanced training: mind, body, vision. You may learn more about his writing and affiliations at http://www.linkedin.com/in/drnetherton.